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October 24, 2022

October 24, 2022

The meeting was delayed from Sunday to Monday. Meeting called to order at 12:30. Present: Dan, David, Fawn, Kevin, Joe and Verna (a quorum). Absent: Ray. Dan made a recording.

Bank balances: checking $4,333, savings $17,590, acct3 $1,297, PayPal $83.
Mail or email – Lawyer bill and someone wanted a video from 1983, which we don’t have

YouTube – Fawn has the password (add to the contact info sheet). Fawn wants to bulk mail the membership. Joe suggested contacting only the people who have programs in our library.

Fawn challenged Joe for interrupting. Shortly, Fawn interrupted Joe mid-word. Maybe, given the current hostility, we need to use the kitchen timer to limit rambling speech to a minute.

Motion: Fawn to put a letter together about YouTube permission and a replacement cablecast request form to be sent to members who have produced programs (approved 6,0,0,1).

Bylaws – Verna and Fawn’s draft is not ready. Discussion postponed.
Security System – Kevin has two cameras running.
CTV Email Forwarder – Kevin, David and Fawn want a forwarder. (Joe has done this.)
Getting Tom’s death certificate – no progress

Webpage – under construction. Fawn wants to make her page active. Motion: Fawn overwrites the existing webpage and emails the board when she puts up sub-pages. Approved 6,0,0,1.

LED lights – Kevin has six working. Replace blue screen lights. Joe resent his recommendation. Motion: Buy six of the smaller 80-watt LED lights for the bluescreen. Approved 6,0,0,1.

PEG grant – Two computers here, two are due now. Joe will load the software and make cables for the new BM Studio cameras. He will use email to approve the cable and software costs.

No change on several agenda items
Department of Revenue Report – in progress
Splashtop – Fawn is now using this. Awesome.
Adobe – Need two Creative Cloud licenses. Fawn suggested using TechSoup.org.
Contact info sheet – Needs YouTube password, no one has submitted their relevant contacts
Cablecast Request Form – We have computer files for these and all other forms.
Verna talked about doing more Saturday Market outreach.

Fawn – make outreach a regular agenda item. Reach out to churches, video sporting events and band concerts (sell DVDs). Joe talked about when we had this stuff years ago. Fawn suggested a summer youth program. Joe has streamed programs and has done live call-in shows.

Next Meeting – Monday, Nov 7 at 12:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after 102 minutes.

October 9, 2022

CTV BOARD MINUTES – 9-Oct-2022, prepared by Joe Tyndall
Meeting called to order at 12:30. Present: Dan, David, Fawn, Kevin, Joe, Ray and Verna (a
quorum). Dan made a recording.
Sept 12th minutes approved (5,0,2,0)
Bank balances: no update, Verna to submit shoutout receipts and advance remainder
Fawn asked about an agenda – Joe creates these as he does the minutes (listens to recordings)
Dan scanned the Articles of Incorporation and emailed this to the board members.
Mail or email – nothing of interest
Fawn made contacts with folks who want to use the studio, excellent possibilities (kudos to
Fawn), however, they must put programs on channel to borrow equipment or use the studio.
YouTube – Fawn wants to send an email to the membership to get permission to put programs
on YouTube. The password is not on Contact Info Sheet. Fawn raised cable cast requests. The
notebook was missing in November 2021. Verna brought up the two boxes of CTV documents
at the Historical Society. This was discussed earlier. John Duran had this stuff. It has not been
turned over to the new board. We need the boxes. Dan noted Neil did an equipment inventory
but did not give us the results. Bill Loud is most likely the person with the YouTube password.
Motion: Dan to contact Neil about boxes of papers (passed 7,0,0,0).
Bylaws – Verna sent out a Secretary of State non-profit guideline pamphlet. Fawn is working on
an alternate bylaws draft. Discussion tabled (passed 7,0,0,0).
Security System – Box has arrived, Kevin is working on this.
Control Room Mac – working good
Contact info sheet – Needs YouTube password, no one has submitted their relevant contacts
Studio Vaccine Mandate – likely a lost cause for the foreseeable future
Getting Tom's death certificate – no progress
Webpage – under construction. Fawn expressed some ideas. Do we continue with PayPal?
LED lights – Kevin has four working – kudos dude.
Camera Kits – Fawn likes the BM cameras but wants longer lasting batteries.
Department of Revenue Report – in progress
PEG grant – Computers should be here – need to contact Neil
Splashtop – Give account information to Fawn – Kevin is on this.
Sound problem – Verna says "hiss" is still present on some files. Notify Kevin of problem files.
Cablecast Request Form – We have computer files for these and all other forms.
Keys – Fawn wants a key, need $$ amount from district, who has a key that does not need one?
Dan will contact Jessie, ALL visitors must do the background check and be vaxxed
No progress on several other agenda items
Verna brought up outreach, Joe asked if Saturday Market appearances got new members – No.
Next Meeting – Sunday, Oct 23 at 12:30 pm

CTV BOARD MINUTES – 9-Oct-2022, prepared by Joe Tyndall
Meeting adjourned after 86 minutes.

September 26, 2022

September 26, 2022

Meeting called to order at 12:37. Present: Dan, David, Fawn, Kevin, Joe, Ray and Verna (a quorum). Dan made a recording.

Bank balances: checking $4,766, savings $17,590, acct3 $1,297, PayPal $83.
Mail or email: Camera person requested to record building a garage, otherwise nothing.

YouTube – Fawn has not made progress. Kevin will help.

CTV board election – Motion: hold between Feb 18 and 28th – five seats up (passed 7,0,0,0).

Bylaws – Protected classes, not all groups in Fawn’s list were identified by law. Fawn asserted that “a trans person” in her orientation meeting “did not feel safe” and is “no longer around.” She wants “everyone in the community to feel safe.” Ray responded that feeling unsafe may be personal insecurity rather than something CTV is doing. He mentioned the golden rule. Fawn responded, “treat people how they want to be treated.” The discussion continued. This recording is definitely worth listening to. Fawn and Verna will create a draft for revised bylaws. Verna then accused Joe of “telling lies” and asserted no bylaw violations occurred during 2021.
People will digitize the Articles of Incorporation and Rules and Procedures. (Discussion tabled)

Security System – Need the original recommendation. Joe found the link, price increase $50. Forwarded to all board members.

Control Room Mac – Joe reloaded the software and got it working. Kevin reinstalled it.

Getting Tom’s death certificate – no progress

Webpage – under construction

LED lights – hung up, Kevin has begun changing electrical connectors.

PEG grant – waiting for computers (Oct 5th delivery date) – Neil has three BM studio cameras

No progress on several agenda items

Dan noted the blocks of dead air in our programming

Fawn wants to brainstorm how to bring in new members, suggested teaching video production

Next Meeting – Sunday, Oct 9th at 12:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after 75 minutes.

People speaking were interrupted often. We may wish to use the timer to stop this.

September 12, 2022

September 12, 2022

Meeting called to order at 12:37. Present: Dan, David, Fawn, Kevin, Joe, and Verna (a quorum). Absent: Ray. Dan made a recording.

Minutes: Aug 30th approved (6,0,0,1)

Note: Joe put all the prior approved minutes on the old CTV webpage.

Bank balances: checking $4,766, savings $17,589, acct3 $1,297, PayPal $83.
Nothing interesting in mail or email

YouTube – Fawn wants CTV to appear more active (to attract new people). Fawn will champion this work (thank you). Kevin will help Fawn find the files. Joe suggested using Splashtop so Fawn can work from home. While there is a way to “add team members” (not implemented), if Kevin simply gives Fawn (or others we trust) his main login info, she can log in as him to use it. Only one person can use our Splashtop account at a time. This solution has always been available.

Bylaws – Joe’s draft is now on Google Docs. Fawn wants to add items. These will be dealt with one by one. Joe requested proposals of specific language rather than generalizations so the board can vote on the language.

Motion: Remove the limiting phrase from Sec 1, Art 1. Passed (4,1,1,1). The phrase is removed.

Fawn wants to an add a list of “protected classes.” A friendly amendment, “including but not limited to,” was rejected.

Motion: Include a list of “protected classes.” Passed (4,1,1,1). List will be included.

David will come up with draft language for this section.

While discussing Article 1 Section 3 – Non-Censorship, Joe was called away for a crisis. An 88-year-old passed out, fell, was bleeding and was taken to the hospital. He is okay.

An unrelated conversation continued for roughly another 30 minutes.

Next Meeting – Monday, Sept 26th at 12:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after 86 minutes.

People speaking were interrupted often. There was considerable repetition. We may wish to again use the timer to stop this and make the meetings more civil.

August 30, 2022

August 30, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:30. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe, and Verna (a quorum). Fawn, Max Fabry and John Duran joined us. Absent: Elandus and Ray. Dan made a recording.

Minutes: July 26th and Aug 9th approved (5,0,0,2)
Bank balances: checking $5,050, savings $17,589, acct3 $1,297. $6,000 transferred to savings.
Nothing interesting in mail or email

Elandus Lake Removal from the Board (has missed 14 meetings): Approved (4,0,1,2).
Add Fawn Dietz to Board: Approved (5,0,0,2)

Bylaw Revisions: Fawn will put the revised bylaw draft on Google Docs (approved 6,0,0,1). Further discussion tabled to wait for Google Docs comments at next meeting

Minutes onto Website: Joe will put minutes on the old CTV webpage (approved 6,0,0,1).

Security system: $300 to purchase (approved 6,0,0,1).

Business and Technical Contact Sheet – Printed copies to board members (tabled 6,0,0,1).

Studio & Vaccine Mandate Letter – no progress
Network Solutions – Tom’s lawyer not communicating – Try through state agency
Revised Webpage – Fawn is working on this

LED lights – Joe made new bales, need to enlarge hanging hole, mount supply and change connectors. Kevin to spend $100 for connectors (approved 6,0,0,1), use shorter power cords.

Studio mac not working – Kevin will bring computers to Joe.
Check-Out Camera Kits – no change
PEG Grant – Computers to arrive in October.
Government Contracts – no change
Department of Revenue Report – in progress
Splashtop, Doodly, Adobe – no change
Sound Problems (1&2) – have not see problem #1 recently – still have problem #2
Program Backups – no change
Neil Moyer – Inventory, Cablecast training, BM Camera (cables, space in case) – no change
Cable-Cast Request Forms – no change
Keys – no change
Head End Programming, Program Scheduling, Log Book – no change
Junk in Editing Room – no change

Next Meeting – Monday, Sept 12th at 12:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after 104 minutes.

August 9, 2022

August 9, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:30. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe, Ray, and Verna (a quorum). Fawn and John Duran joined us. Absent: Elandus (13 meetings missed). Dan made a recording.

Minutes: June 28th revisions (approved 6,0,0,1)

Bank balances checking $13,114, savings $11,589, account3 $1,297. Dan acquired a debit card for petty cash. We have a new banker.

Letter to Elandus – Kevin’s draft approved (5,0,1,1).

Membership Letter – Motion to accept Kevin’s draft with adding paragraph about Advisory Council, change date, correct Fawn’s last name and remove links only (passed 5,0,1,1). Joe will mail this by Monday Morning August 15th.

Bylaws – Add language for review on non-discrimination, fiduciary duty, non-censorship, and four two-year board members (approved 6,0,0,1). There was a long discussion on censorship.

Letter to 4J about studio visitors. Full hurdle requirements to come on campus or can this be eased during off hours. Joe to write text for review (approved 6,0,0,1).

Saturday Market – Verna indicated many connections made.

Contact info sheet – Joe tried KeyPass. Fawn will research this further.

Tom’s Lawyer – has not returned Joe’s second call.

Fawn’s Website revision – Positive reviews and suggestions, done in Word Press/Divy, Joe wanted some way to backup source files. Fawn wants photos.

LED lights – Initial evaluation looks good. Money for five more (approved 6,0,0,1). Bales?

Control room Mac is not booting

PEG grant – shipping date for computers early October.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, August 30th at 1:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after 102 minutes.

July 26, 2022

July 26, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:30. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe and Verna (a quorum). Ray joined later. Fawn participated (welcome to Fawn). Absent: Elandus. Dan made a recording.

Verna objected to this meeting. She then read an email “into the record” condemning Joe.

Minutes: June 14th (approved 4,0,1,2), July 12th (approved 5,0,0,2), June 28th to be revised.

Dan said our checking balance is $120 higher than stated on the agenda.

Q1 & Q2 Financial Report – Joe finished it, brief discussion on the four notes included

Motion: Verna requested a budget for the Saturday Market booth, $100 approved (5,0,0,2)

Membership List – Verna wants a copy. Remove three expired members (approved 4,0,1,2).

Board of Advisors – Add note in the mailing to the members that it was dissolved.

Contact info sheet – Fawn suggested using KeyPass (free and open source). Approved (5,0,1,1).

Vaccine Mandate remains in effect.

Tom’s Lawyer – Joe spoke with him about the death certificate and checking for CTV files and paperwork, specifically the CableCast notebook. He said he would call us back.

Revised web page – Verna wanted a ShoutOut notice on old page (done). In working on the webpage, Joe encountered the problem of access to the studio for people coming for interviews. As currently interpreted on the old website, even Peter DeFazio would be excluded. Kevin will draft a letter to 4J for the board to review. Fawn volunteered to do the webpage.

LED lights – Joe researched. Kevin will install. Motion to buy one to test ($500 approved 6,0,0,1).

We discussed installing the additional BM Studio Cameras from Neil. Kevin is on this.

Bylaws – It’s down to five pages. Dan wants a lawyer to review it (there was consensus). Joe suggested adding items for “we do not censor” and “fiduciary responsibility.” Discussed proposed change to having four two year board members voted on during odd and even years.

Letters to Elandus and to CTV membership – Kevin objected to Joe’s version, will write drafts.

Kevin suggested pushing up bylaws, Elandus and member letter higher in the agenda.

Fawn introduced herself and talked about her vision for CTV.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, August 9th at 1:30 pm – Meeting adjourned after 114 minutes.

July 12, 2022

July 12, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:31. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe, Ray and Verna (a quorum).
Absent: Elandus (has missed 10 consecutive meetings). Dan made a recording.

Approving minutes postponed to next meeting.
Neil Moyer wanted to be on the call, but was not.
Joe will be in town in two to three weeks.

Government contracts, keys, webpage, Q2 financial statement, Peg grant, program backups, Splashtop, Department of Revenue report, no change. Mail has been picked up weekly.

Junk, Dan sent Linda an email about makeup table and kit. Should also send it to Mike Schwab.

John Duran is getting involved in Saturday Market on July 30.
Sound Problems – Ericsson box replaced, sound problem one appears to have been eliminated.
Checkout kits, Kevin has charged all the batteries. Thank you.
LED Lights – need to do some research.
Saturday market, no confirmation of July 30th date.

Verna, we have not put out a letter to John. Communications is a problem.

Verna, why are we looking for programmers? Because we need operators to open the station and to have a pool of trained programmers.

Verna, people are not signing in or out.

Verna, alarm was off. Joe, the school turns the alarm off during the day – this is semi-normal.
Dan & Kevin, doors not locked. There was a discussion about school staff and radio station coming through. Re-keying is rising as a concern. Consensus on buying a video security system.

Verna, insurance policy? Joe, CTV needs to have a $1 million liability policy for the contract.

Verna, wanted to know what Joe would talk to Neil about. Answer: grant and Manny’s cameras.

Letter to membership, Joe will do a draft for review. Topics: history, programmers, operators, Elandus, bylaws, cablecast forms

Verna, what kind of scheduling system do we want? 12 to 12 and copy cuts programming time in half, however it ignores Safe Harbor. Producers would like regular slots. There was a lengthy discussion on this. Programmer’s log sheet was suggested. Verna will send a letter to John and Peter about log sheet.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, July 26th at 1:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after 51 minutes.

June 28, 2022

June 28, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:30. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe, Ray and Verna (a quorum).
Absent: Elandus (now has missed nine consecutive meetings). Dan made a recording.

Minutes from last meeting not ready.
Bank balances: Checking: $14,242.80, Savings $11,589.29, Account3 $1,296.81
We received $14,250 from the City of Eugene

No progress on Department of Revenue report, government contracts, PEG grant, Adobe subscription, Splashtop, new webpage, account contact sheet.

What do we spend our money on? LED studio lighting seems to be the choice. Should we retrofit or buy new? Color rendition quality – need to do some research.

Ray called the school district, no more mask mandate. Is the vaccine mandate still in place?
Sound Problems – Verna monitoring. Are the replaced files still bad? Neil is making progress.
Saturday Market July 30. Verna will help. Joe can help folks find all the stuff.
Checkout kits, Dan suggested Velcro straps, will proceed on that.
Studio cleanup, Verna will do this. Thank you.
Backups – Kevin has the NAS box. We’re making progress.
Keys – Jessie & Mike Schwab have keys – Looks like rekeying is worth doing.
Programming, Verna has been solving the dead air problem, now less than a minute.
The last Board of Advisors was Dan Koozer, Kevin Corridon, Tom Cleveland and Hilary Andrea.

Elandus has missed nine meetings and is not replying to emails or calls. Suggestion, everyone try to contact her. Verna wanted Joe to contact Elandus because she claims he caused the problem. Response: Joe did not want Elandus elected CTV president based on his interactions with her roughly three years ago. Fawn Deets as a potential replacement on the Board.

Verna stated CTV (specifically Joe) is chasing people away. CTV has poor communication.

David made a motion to waive John’s dues for doing Democracy Now one day a week (to maintain the peace), seconded by Joe (passed 6,0,0,1).

Next Meeting – Tuesday, July 12th at 1:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after 49 minutes.

June 14, 2022

June 14, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:30. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe and Ray (a quorum).
Absent: Elandus, Verna. Dan made a recording.

Ray has rejoined the board. His resignation was not accepted and has been withdrawn.
Minutes approved (5,0,0,2).
Funds from the City – David says it’s in process through June, so roughly $14,000 coming soon.
Joe did accounting for first quarter. Will do the second quarter in July.
Government contracts, no progress.
Department of Revenue report – we are on an extension.
New webpage and account contact sheet, no progress.
Programming, need more people. Verna has been solving the dead air problem
Sound problems – Kevin has replaced problem files.
Haven’t heard from Neil Moyer.
PEG Grant – in process.
John Duran and Bill Loud memberships. Advisory board no longer exists. Get John to renew.
Adobe subscription (Joe & David student version two copies each) for the new systems.
Minutes recording and printed to place in the yearly hanging folder (bylaw requirement).
Splashtop works for Kevin, Verna is not using it. Joe will send Kevin an invite to a machine.
Joe has not yet called Tom’s sister to get a copy of the death certificate.
Junk in old editing rooms. Dan and Kevin will deal. Call LBW to take makeup table.
Review of bylaws – Down to six pages. Need board members to review the proposed changed.
Cablecast request forms, no progress.
Dan checked on Saturday Market dates available. Joe can help folks find all the stuff.
Checkout kits, batteries charged on Sonys and Black Magic Cameras. Business cards in cases.
Need operators for Tuesday and Wednesday.
Missing mic? – gone since the big theft, need to do an inventory

Elandus has missed the last eight meetings, to be replaced. Question, do we need to notify the membership? Easiest if Elandus resigns. Fawn Deets as a possible replacement.

Letter to members to replace Elandus, ask for programmers, bylaw revisions, Saturday market, cablecast request forms, operators.

Backups – Joe sent Thecus information to Kevin. Kevin is working on this. Brief tech discussion. Still need a proper off-site backup.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, June 28th at 1:30 pm

Meeting adjourned after one hour.

May 31, 2022

May 31, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:30. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe, Verna (a quorum).
Resigned: Ray. Absent: Elandus. Forgot to start the recording (Joe also did not take notes).

Joe attempted to contact Ray about his resigning but did not succeed.

We followed a prior agenda, briefly discussing all items.

No votes were taken.

Progress has been made. Most items remained unchanged since the prior meeting. Our action items stay the same. Verna is getting on top of the programming (kudos).

Next Meeting – Tuesday, June 14th at 1:30 pm – June 14th is Flag Day

Meeting adjourned after 30 minutes, an easy-going, pleasant exchange.

May 17, 2022

May 17, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:30. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Joe, Verna (a quorum).
Absent: Elandus, Ray. Dan made a recording.

Approval of Minutes – not ready

Keys – School wants a list of codes and people. Verna says employee sets alarm at 8:00pm.

Splashtop – Kevin sent out the login for programmers to use. The computer has a password.

Inventory and Ericsson Box – No contact from Neil Moyer.

$9500 from City – David’s question waiting for an answer.

PEG Grant – Anne Davies has the grant request for four Mac Studio computers.

FOLX – Kevin, seem to be behaving itself. Z-Joe folder has a file with the code.

Ray Gruener Resigned – Joe said he would try to contact Ray. Appointing board members?

Backups – Neil has one box. Kevin has the old NAS. Has had trouble getting it connected.

We zoomed through the old agenda, no pressing items.

Sound Problems – Verna has a list of problem files. Plan to reload older files not damaged.

Department of Revenue Report – David, we are on an extension.

Programming – Verna is working on lists.

Saturday Market Tabling – We have all the stuff. Need to contact Saturday Market.

Next Meeting – Tuesday, May 31st at 1:30 pm

Meeting lasted 29:31, short and pleasant

April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:32. Present: Dan, David, Kevin, Ray, Joe, Verna (a quorum).
Absent: Elandus. Dan made a recording.

Approval of Minutes (6,0,0,1)
Check Signers – Dan and Kevin are now signers.
Contracts with governmental bodies – no change.
Keys – School has not gotten back to Dan. Motion on requesting 12 keys (passed 6,0,0,1).
Webpage – alternate (earsi.com/ctv) – Joe completed a couple more sub-pages.
$9500 from City – David spoke with the city, in progress.

Ongoing Sound Problems – Dan, plan to replace Ericsson, waiting to hear back from Neil. Verna, can we reload old shows with “spikey” problem? Joe, yes. Need to make a list of problem files.

Doodly – Joe has made a couple videos, “I like it.” Need to install it on the Studio systems. David also bought a copy. Verna had questions about using it.

Account info sheet – Joe, no recent progress.
Remote Access – Kevin hit a hurdle. Joe and Kevin to work on this.
Network Solutions – Joe to get Tom’s sister’s number from Dan and call to get death certificate.
Review of CTV bylaws – Joe has worked further, not yet ready for review.
Cable-Cast Request Forms – Generated a list of producer numbers and the form artwork.
Budget – Joe emailed a financial statement for 2021.
Backups – Kevin has the NAS box off-site. There are disk drives to backup recent programs.
PEG Grant – Joe circulated a draft requesting four Mac Studio computers. Anne Davies has it.

Check out camera kits – The Sony HDR-CX160 and 180 are available for $100(+) on eBay and amazon. (David found the HDR -CX320, 320E, 380, 380, 390E, PJ320E, PJ380, PJ380E and PJ390E also have the mic input). The batteries need to be charged monthly. Kevin will look into this.

Old Studio MiniDV Cameras – Motion to give Verna one (6,0,0,1).
Saturday Market – We have all the equipment to do a booth if someone wants to table events.

CTV Mission – Verna wanted to know what we are supposed to do. A general discussion on a variety of topics followed.

Studio Intro Class – Kevin is doing these on Monday evenings. He is marketing this on the CTV Facebook page – Members of Community TV of Lane County Oregon

Filing Reports – Requires a street address. Consensus to continue with David Atkin.
Head End Programming – Verna, Peter (plus one more) are doing most of these.
Next Meeting – Tuesday, May 10th at 1:30 pm

Meeting adjourned at 2:38 pm (1:07 – a very cordial meeting)

April 8, 2022

April 8, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:34. Present: Dan, Kevin, David, Ray, Joe (a quorum).
Absent: Verna, Elandus. Dan made a recording.

Approval of Minutes (5,0,0,2)
Account Balances – checking $1,332.09, savings $11,589.00, account3 $1,296.81, PayPal $66.54
Check Signers – to be finished Tuesday. Da now has access to our accounts online.
Contracts with governmental bodies – In process at LCoG and the City of Eugene.
Keys – Dan visited office – will contact the principal to rekey and ask about classes and screen.
Webpage – Joe alternate (earsi.com/ctv) – Joe will continue this as time permits.
$9500 from City – David in contact with City to file paperwork.
Ongoing Low Sound Problems – Channel sound good recently. Has Neil solved the problem?
NAB – Las Vegas, April 24-27 for exhibits – Joe has links to get free passes.
Doodly – CTV, based on phone vote (5,0,0,2), purchased a copy ($67). Dan has it.
Account info sheet – Joe working on this. Hopefully ready for the next meeting.
Remote Access – Kevin has a Splashtop account. Joe will help him implement this.
Network Solutions – (Step 1) Dan will look into obtaining a death certificate for Tom.
Review of CTV bylaws – Postponed until the next meeting.
Cable-Cast Request Forms – No forward motion this week
Budget – Postponed until the next meeting.
Backups – Kevin has the NAS box off-site. There are disk drives to backup recent programs.

PEG Grant – Application due 29-April – $50,000 is available. We cannot use the money for engineering or other labor. There appears to be consensus to request four of the new Mac Studio computers, the base model for $1,999 each to replace the aging Mac Pros. Also suggested, LED field lighting kits, a lithium-ion battery, clapper, copies of NTFSmac.

Check out camera kits – The batteries need to be charged. Format SD cards. Remove plastic bags. Place CTV business cards in the cases. Kevin will look into this.

Head End Programming – Kevin will contact Neil about training. Schedule worksheet provided. We need to assign slots then increment episode numbers to make a weekly schedule.

Equipment – Dan and Kevin will deal with the downstairs tape editing room filled with junk. Kevin will contact Neil about the equipment inventory. Anything not working, missing, etc.?

Financial Report – Year 2021 financial sheet finished. 2022 Q1 for next meeting. The annual report is due May 15th.

Plan for CTV’s Future – What level of operations? Video classes for Sheldon Students? Plans to expand. Ray’s “come join us” commercials. Other suggestions. Classes? Action items?

Next Meeting – Tuesday, April 19th at 1:30 pm

Meeting adjourned at 2:32 pm (less than an hour – we are getting good)

April 1, 2022

April 1, 2022

Meeting called to order at 1:38. Present: Dan, Kevin, David, Ray, Joe (a quorum). Absent: Verna, Elandus. Both were phoned. Dan made a recording (started 30 minutes late).

Approval of Minutes (5,0,0,2)
Check Signers – Kevin added. Verna no longer wants to sign.
Mail Pickup – David taking care of this.
Solidarity Vote regarding Starbucks – Elandus not present. 501-C3 cannot take a political stand.
Contracts with governmental bodies – Waiting for LCOG to submit their draft.
CTV email – Dan now gets info@cgtv29.org. Leave the SPAM filter off.

Webpage – Joe alternate (earsi.com/ctv) – Motion: Proceed updating webpage (passed 5,0,0,2)

Backups – CTV had a three-copy backup for our library. Offsite copy was lost when Tom died. We are at risk. Motion: Kevin to take NAS box from head-end room offsite (passed 5,0,0,2).

Password recovery, business, and technical account info sheet (computer editable).

Motion: Create a (computerized) business and technical info sheet (passed 5,0,0,2)
Motion: Give to our President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary and Engineer (passed 5,0,0,2)

Ongoing Low Sound Problems – no change in status

Remote Access – Splashtop tested and works. Ray asked about operation with iPad. The website says Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android devices. The iPad is iOS, so yes it works.

Motion: Kevin to set up a Splashtop account (using his credit card) (passed 5,0,0,2).

Network Solutions – Domain name transfer effort discussion postponed

Petty Cash Allowance – $100 per month without needing a board vote (to be reimbursed upon submitting expense report, receipts attached). Need minor item? Call Dan or Joe before buying.

Motion: Joe to continue his $100 per month allowance (passed 5,0,0,2)
Motion: Dan authorized for $100 per month allowance (passed 5,0,0,2)

Head End Programming – Neil training? Who knows how to program? Who is Peter? Dead air? Tom made midnight to noon the same as noon to midnight (half the programming). Primetime starts 6 pm, ends 10 pm (28 hours per week). This is the main concern. Safe harbor (XXX shows) starts 10 pm, ends 6 am. Years ago, Chris Kelsey had six primetime hours weekly for reruns and new content. Larry had more. The issue is to set a primetime schedule assigning producer slots. We then leave this fixed and revise the episode number within a series weekly. The rest of the time is filler for recycling reruns. To produce this schedule, we need a list of how many programs there are by producer series and the size of the time slot needed. Someone needs to act as the scheduler. This should require one to two hours a week. More discussion needed.
Ray’s Programs – Ray’s old shows & Joe’s “Change my Mind” and “That Atheist Show” to reruns.

Equipment – The left hand downstairs old editing room is filled with junk that needs to be given away, recycled, disposed, etc. Neil’s equipment inventory? Anything not working, missing, etc.?

Keys – Dan to meet with the principal regarding rekeying the studio.

PEG Grant – Awaiting call for proposals. What equipment do we need?

Board of Advisors – Motion: Eliminate Board of Advisors (passed 5,1,0,1 – Verna noted a vote).

Membership Fee – $12 annual membership fee or $1 monthly?

Motion: Reinstate annual fee that runs one year from payment date (passed 5,0,0,2).

Review of CTV bylaws – Board members have an editable version, time to considers revisions. Joe made Article I and II change suggestions. This review/revision process will take may weeks and requires a vote of the membership for adoption. Discussion tabled to the next meeting. Please bring suggestions regarding updating Articles I and II.

David Atkin – Does CTV wish to continue with him? Consensus to end this discussion.

Cable-Cast Request Forms – Kevin and Joe generated a list of producers for shows in the CTV Tightrope library. Ray and Joe to work on contacting members to get new cablecast forms.

Budget – David will contact the City of Eugene to invoice our $9500 grant. PayPal activity summarized (currently $66.55 in account). The goal is a one-page financial statement for 2021 and for 2022 (thus far). Joe will work with others to produce this, which then can be submitted to meet our contractual financial reporting obligations. Then, we produce a CTV 2022 budget.

Opening bank balances (checking, savings, account3, PayPal)
Plus, income identified by source
Minus, expenses by category
Closing bank balances (checking, savings, account3, PayPal)
Discrepancies explained (should be none)

Plan for CTV’s Future – Video classes for Sheldon Students? Ray’s “come join us” commercials. Training classes? RG/Weekly lifestyle section articles. Paid ads. Tabling at summer events.

Microwave & Fridge – Motion: $250 to purchase these for studio (passed 5,0,0,2).

Next Meeting – Friday, April 8th at 1:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 3 pm.

March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 1:37. Present: Verna, Dan, Kevin, David, and Joe. Ray joined us a few minutes later. Absent: Elandus. A recording of this Zoom meeting was made by Dan.

Minutes for 11-Mar-2022 were approved 5,0,0,2.

Robert’s Rules, the one-minute-no-interruption rule, stay on agenda, stay on topic, etc.

Motion: This board will operate under these rules. Violations will be confronted – passed 5,0,0,2

One more RRoO item was emphasized – you don’t get to talk again until everyone who wants to talk has spoken. Joe has a computer timer. Overall, the meeting went well. Kudos, Dan.

Dan announced our checking balance ($2214.59) after depositing $85 of membership checks.

Insurance – Received an email about renewing our liability policy – David is handling it.

State Registration completed by Dan.

Updating Bank Signers – all the pieces are nearly in place – may be done by next meeting.

Verna brought up info@ctv29.org. She gets this forwarded and complained about SPAM. There is no solution to SPAM. Following the meeting, Joe removed John Duran and Bill Loud from the email forwarders and added Dan to donations@ctv29.org and info@ctv29.org.

Bill Loud Tax Letter – He has it. Check for $82.50 reimbursement also written. Thanks, David.

Password Recovery Etc. – We have the web hosting info. Dan has other stuff to be checked. Is the information we have thus far complete?

Ongoing Low Sound Problems – Neil Moyer has contacted Comcast – kudos – there is hope. Neil spoke of a sound “blip” Joe never saw prior to 16-Dec-2020. Did this come from re-encoding files for the new head end? Kevin installed a T-connection to allow monitoring. Verna says it has been removed. Joe, Kevin, and Verna will check this on Saturday and look to see if our files have been re-encoded and have the “blip” problem.

Head End Programming – Neil offered to instruct us and sent a link to a tutorial. We need to schedule a time to do this training at the CTV head-end room. Contact Neil (by email) about this and inform the board of the meeting time. Verna raised the problem of dead air gaps between programs. The situation should improve with the installation of remote access and the training of programmers. We could zoom out this meeting to those who cannot attend.

Budget – There are forms we need to submit to get the $9500 from the City of Eugene. David is handling this. What are projected CTV expenses? David, Joe and Verna, when the bank accounts are accessible, will summarize expenses for 2021 as a basis for a 2022 budget.
Equipment – Neil plans to inventory CTV equipment. This is good. Kevin has offered to assist.

PEG Grant – Instructions arrive in April. Past grants were sent to board members. Neil says we can add money for engineering. What equipment do we need this time? Start making a list.

CableCast Request Forms – Joe sent forms to the board – voted 6,0,0,1 to use these. This is a priority because the notebook disappeared last year. Kevin and Joe will make a list of producer numbers for shows in the CTV library. We can then contact folks to get a new form signed.

Keys – Dan compiled a list (Dan 020, Kevin 133, Verna 119, Mike Schwab 004, John Duran 021, David 005, Rick Gates in limbo, two confirmed lost, one unaccounted for). The board voted 6,0,0,1 to pay the school $250 to re-key and provide 10 keys. Dan will contact the principal.

Remote Access Software – Motion to allocate up to $150 to install remote access software passed 6,0,0,1. Motion to try Splashtop ($100 per year) passed 6,0,0,1.

11 Principles – A summary for board members. The counter argument is that this is redundant, thus unnecessary, given it is already covered in the bylaws. However, there were violations of these principles during 2021, which, despite the evidence, some people continue to deny occurred. The board reaffirmed these eleven plus one operating principles 5,0,1,1.

1) CTV, its studio, and equipment exist to put “local” programs on Comcast channels 29 & 1088.
2) CTV receives support from, and has contracts with, governmental bodies in the area.
3) CTV has a set of bylaws (rules) governing the behavior of its board and its members.
4) To change the bylaws (CTV’s “Constitution”) requires a majority vote of the membership.
5) CTV membership only requires paying membership dues (currently $12 yearly).
6) CTV is governed by a board of seven people elected by its membership (properly noticed).
7) The CTV board can change policy and spend money only in accord with the bylaws.
8) The board can change policy and spend funds with a majority vote (4) of its seven members.
9) Before “meeting” to conduct business, ALL seven board members must be notified.
10) A quorum of five board members must be “present” to take a vote.
11) CTV is not permitted to censor or exclude (absent a violation of law).
12) Board members have a fiduciary duty to uphold and act within these 11 basic principles.

Review of CTV bylaws – Motion passed 6,0,0,1 to begin this review process.

David Atkin has been CTV’s Registered Agent. We pay a retainer and are billed $295 per hour. Since November, he has invoiced CTV $2374 to represent a subset of the CTV board in its battle against other board members this subset wanted to exclude. Taking sides (which he denies) in an internal dispute while representing the whole of CTV is inappropriate. Does CTV wish to continue with David Atkin? This discussion will be on future agendas until resolved.

Next Meeting – April 1 at 1:30 pm (passed 6,0,0,1). Note: New agenda item: Advisory Board.

Meeting adjourned at 3:05 pm.

March 11, 2022

CTV BOARD MINUTES – Friday, 11-Mar-2022, taken by Joe Tyndall

The meeting began at 1:32. Present: Verna, Dan, Kevin, Ray, David, and Joe. Absent: Elandus.
A recording of this Zoom meeting was made by Dan. CTV now has the Zoom Pro software.

Minutes were emailed twice, once with a pdf of Robert’s Rules of Order. Approved 4,0,2,1.

Status – State registration of CTV corporation (underway – Dan, Joe, David, 2 weeks)

Status – Bank account access (requires State registration, Dan, Joe, David, 3 weeks)

Status – Remote access to the broadcast head-end

Verna had not read the writeup in the agenda and asked that Joe read it for her. A list of options was provided with Splashtop ($100 per year) recommended. Verna wanted Joe to do more research on this. Joe objected. The motion in the agenda to allocate $150 to set up remote access to the head-end computer was tabled (6,0,0,1) until the next meeting so Verna could research remote software including TeamViewer, which Neil Moyer recommended. Vera had read Neil Moyer’s response to this agenda item that was forwarded to her by Bill Loud. Note: Upon further review, TeamViewer was in the list of software considered but was not suggested because it costs $1235 per year.

The ongoing low sound problem – some CTV programs play at low volume – most are fine

Joe spoke to this. The problem did not exist until Comcast upgraded the equipment on their part of the signal path (years ago) to prepare for HD broadcast. After the problem emerged, a T-connector was installed at the input to Comcast’s Ericsson box giving us the ability to monitor the signal leaving the CTV head-end. On every occasion when the problem was present and Joe monitored the signal at the T-connector, the sound going into the Ericsson box was okay. (Note: Kevin has reinstalled the T-connector. The low volume problem was happening at that time. The sound level from CTV was good.) Verna then read Neil Moyer’s email “correcting” Joe’s interpretation of a conversation between Joe and Neil. Verna wanted Joe to do more work. Joe said this was pointless until Comcast acknowledges the problem is in their portion of the signal path. Joe and Tom spent many hours talking with Comcast, who refused to accept the problem was at their end. Verna volunteered to spend time at CTV monitoring for the problem. Someone (likely with Neil involved) needs to restart this conversation with Comcast.

CTV being charged for engineering work per conversation with Neil Moyer. CTV operates off $9,500 yearly from the City of Eugene. We have savings, but now that Joe does not have access to the studio, this will quickly be eaten up by engineering fees, especially if Neil does not comprehend the problem accurately. Verna then changed the discussion to contracts. This then evolved into our bank balances. Verna has been looking for contracts in the hanging folders and found recent bank statements. Checking $4347.88. Savings $11,588. Third account $1296.81. Best guess, the mail was put in a drawer at the office without telling folks. Verna then brought up insurance. The Liberty Mutual policy ($780) is paid up. Joe brought up generating a budget. What are the priorities? The PEG grant is also coming in April. Other topics were touched upon.

Bill Loud has requested a tax receipt and to be reimbursed. An email was sent with pictures of the items and prices. These are not receipts as one would attach to an expense report. If these items are donations, the actual receipts should be attached to a note requesting a tax letter. There are also scanned receipts for about $80 in the email for postage for the board election mailings. Again, an expense report with the physical receipts attached is standard practice.

Motion – Bill Loud will not be paid until he submits a detailed accounting (passed 5,0,1,1).

Motion – David will contact Bill to discuss this with him (passed 6,0,0,1).

During the discussion, Verna spoke about a meeting with David Atkin where “off the books” “donations” were discussed. This again raises the issue of unauthorized legal expenditures to be paid for on CTV’s nickel where some board members (now former) discuss how to get around other board members that were not invited to the meeting. This is likely a conflict of interest.

Recovery of passwords and account information from Bill. Dan indicated we now have this.

Initiate a review of the CTV bylaws – Issue raised, but the subject was quickly changed.

Initiate a discussion of CTV’s future. Ray suggested commercials to motivate new members on our channel and to fix the sound. The discussion ended here.

Kevin made a motion to require new Cablecast Request forms from producers (passed 6,0,0,1). A committee was formed with Kevin, Verna, and Joe to generate a mailing to producers. Kevin will generate a list of producer numbers for programs that might be played.

It’s now 3 pm – Next meeting was set for Friday, March 25, 2022, at 1:30pm (passed 6,0,0,1).

Programming – Bill is quitting. Verna delayed setting up remote access for two weeks. Had we installed it this past week, Joe would likely already be programming remotely. Do we have the people to do programming? Who will build the schedule? Verna will sponsor DemocracyNow.

Keys – Dan is searching for who has keys to the studio. Do we want to re-key the studio? Verna says a request is in the pipeline to rekey ($250).

Meeting adjourned at 3:06.

Joe sent copies of Robert’s Rules of Order. Let’s use these to stay on an agenda topic until it is resolved. We also voted to limit talking to one minute (unless more time is voted). Enforcing this will end “filibustering.” Also, during a person’s time, they are not to be interrupted.

Your Title Goes Here

CTV BOARD MINUTES – Friday, 4-Mar-2022, taken by Joe Tyndall

The meeting began at 1:30, in attendance: Verna, Elandus, Dan, Kevin, Ray, David and Joe. A recording of this meeting was made by Verna, with copies to be available to the board.

Election of CTV Corporate Officers:

President – Verna (2 votes), Dan (5 votes) – Dan is the CTV president & meeting chair.

VP – Verna (2 votes), Kevin (5 votes) – Kevin is the CTV VP.

Treasurer – Verna (3 votes), David (4 votes) – David is the CTV Treasurer.

Secretary – Joe (5 votes) – Joe is the CTV Secretary.

At this point, I began taking notes to produce minutes (in addition to the recording).

Check signers in addition to Dan, (Verna 6 votes in favor), (Kevin 6 votes in favor) – Dan will arrange to meet with the bank to add these two new signers to the account – Joe will draft a letter to the bank with a list of the new officers, board members and check signers.

After a brief discussion, it was agreed that David will pick up the mail (and thus will immediately have the bills in hand). This issue was raised because the mail has been irregularly picked up and was not immediately distributed. David will instruct Dan (or other check signers) to write and then sign checks as needed. David will then arrange for the payments to be mailed.

Vote (5, 0, 1) for up to $150 for CTV to buy its own Zoom Pro account – Dan will follow up.

Joe will send out a pdf of Robert’s Rules of Order to all board members. Future meetings will operate using Robert’s Rules of Order. Thank you to Ray for the suggestion.

It was agreed that CTV operators will get the phone messages and respond accordingly.

A committee was formed to document procedures at CTV (vote 6,0,1). The committee will research this and present a report to the board with action items to be voted upon.

After a brief discussion, Dan will receive and respond, as appropriate, to CTV emails.

Six motions proposed by Joe were approved. Votes are in parenthesis (Yes, no, abstain, and absent). Verna pointed out that Neil Moyer pointed out that most of these items are already covered by CTV bylaws. This is correct; however, recently, there have been violations of these rules. Verna insisted that Joe had no proof that these violations had occurred. Others disagreed. The purpose for these motions was to reassert these fundamental principles.

Motion #1 – Use a kitchen timer to limit talking at board meetings to one minute. (Passed 7,0).

Motion #2 – CTV is a free speech platform. CTV does not censor content. (Passed 6,1).

A Motion was also passed to investigate recent censorship. (This passed 7,0).

Motion #3 – CTV does not exclude people. (Passed 4,2,1)

Elandus then left the meeting.

Motion #4 – No CTV funds are to be spent without board authorization. (Passed 6,0,1,1).

Motion #5 – ALL board members must be notified of ALL proposed actions, meetings, or spending. (Passed 6,0,0,1)

Verna objected about what she called “slush funds.” The history is that the board, in the past, voted Larry, Tom, and Joe $100 per month for petty cash. Larry’s and Tom’s allowance ended with their death. Joe’s remains. And the board might consider future allowances as appropriate. “Petty cash” reduces the tedium of approving many small purchases for day-to-day operations, like postage, cables, small hardware, etc. Most months, this money was not spent. For any purchase by Larry, Tom, or Joe over $100, approval by the board, at a meeting, by phone or by email, was required prior to the purchase. Until recently, all board members were notified of purchases prior to the expenditure. When four votes approved, the purchase was made. The receipts were then attached to an expense report before a reimbursement check was written. The board also voted in the past to pay recurring bills like insurance, Comcast ethernet (note that CTV does not pay Comcast to broadcast programs on the channel), report filing fees, and so on. No person is authorized to spend any CTV funds without a prior board vote. For example, Tom would have other people buy refreshments for the annual meeting using his $100 monthly petty cash allowance. This was not simply people spending CTV funds and automatically being reimbursed. Tom then collected the receipts for his expense report.

Motion #6 – CTV’s purpose is to broadcast locally produced programs on Comcast Cable. (Passed 6,0,0,1).

The remainder of the meeting was spent discussing items raised by Verna. Note that the one-minute rule was not enforced during this time.

The next Zoom board meeting is set for Friday, 11-Mar-2022 at 1:30pm. By then, CTV should have its own Zoom Pro account, so Dan will send out the notice and agenda.

If you have items to add to the agenda, please submit them early to give Dan time to formulate an agenda and give it to board members in advance of the meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.

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