Your CTV Board 

Board Members were elected in the February 2022 Board election. Board members meet regularly to discuss the important aspects of how CTV runs and makes decisions. All members may attend these meetings. All members are eligible to run for election during the yearly Board election.

The Board looks forward to welcoming you at a meeting and hearing your input as a member of the community!

Dan Koozer

Board President

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Dan’s Past Experience: Brief Info

Dan’s Vision for CTV: Brief Info

Joe Tyndall

Board Secretary

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David Igl

Board Treasurer

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Verna Reidy

Voting Member

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Kevin Corridon

Voting Member

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Ray Gruener

Voting Member

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Fawn Dietz

Voting Member

Fawn’s main focus in life is her children, both elementary school ages. She homeschools one of them and champions disability rights, especially for disability inclusion and presumption of competence. She also writes and creates websites. She used to own a food cart in the Eugene area. She has produced shows on CTV about gluten free food and restaurants.

Fawn’s Past Experience: Fawn sat on her first board as a teenager and has worked with many non-profits. She finds her past experience in stage management helpful in the video production environment.

Fawn’s Vision for CTV: Fawn would like to see the membership of CTV grow and represent the local community including homeschool and charter school students as well as community organizations.

Board Elections

Board Elections occur every year. The Board has 2 seats that are elected for 2-year terms and 5 seats that are elected for 1-year terms. All members in good standing are invited to run for a seat on the Board. 

CTV is 100% Volunteer-Run including the work that our Board members donate. 

Concerns For The Board?