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Coalition to Rebuilt Community Television

Read the information below about Membership, and fill out the associated documents and complete the steps to become a member!

Membership at CTV

  • Access to reserve the studio
  • Show your productions on CTV public access channels
  • Access to reserve classroom space
  • Editing equipment and programs
  • Borrow cameras, tripods, and mics
  • Classes for a small fee, sometimes free
  • Member-only Facebook group
  • And more

Other members are usually willing to help answer questions or assist with editing or other learning, but please remember we are completely run by volunteers so there are limitations.

Membership Process

Please follow the process to complete your membership application. Some steps require you to wait before continuing. Please email for help completing the process or if you fail to hear back. 

Step-by-Step Membership Process

  1. Eligibility
    • Resident of Lane County, OR
    • Agree with the Purpose Statement
  2. Fill out the Membership Application
  3. Fill out the volunteer application for Sheldon High School, mandatory for members of CTV.
  4. Pay your member fee, $12 per year. This is done through the membership application above. 
  5. After you pay the fees, congratulations! You’re a member of CTV!
  6. After you hear back with an approved volunteer application and background check, come to the studio during our open times to introduce yourself or join the Facebook group and post an introduction.
  7. Fill out your CableCast form, the agreement with CTV to show your productions on tv!

Membership Links

Use the following to apply for membership.

Email for any help needed for your application.
Don't qualify for membership but want to support CTV?

Welcome to CTV!

We look forward to welcoming you as a member of CTV! 

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